Sound Alchemy, Voicefulness, & Ritual with Veela

Sound Alchemy is the ancient art of using sound to invoke or transmute energies & consciously harness their power, whether for healing, or other forms of manifestation. Voicefulness refers to practices which combine self-awareness & intention with vocal embodiment. My work calls upon the combined powers of shamanic space, voice, breath, & energy work, somatic release, medicinal music, & witnessing. One of my specialties is helping people tap into their emotional bodies through the voice to release blocks, empower expression, honor individual & collective experiences, integrate struggles, & invite deepened pleasure, self-awareness, & wholeness. As a budding medicine person, I integrate my intuition, spiritual guides, personal experiences, & numerous healing modalities to create the offering that will best serve your needs. 




Voicefulness Session

Explore your primal self. Connect with your raw essence, your soul sounds. Strengthen relationship with your voice & body. Process old energies & emotions. Honor any unspoken truths. Enhance your pleasure. Release vocal, emotional, & musical blockages.

Voicefulness Sessions range from 1-2 hours ($60-$120) serving individuals & couples virtually. In-person sessions, group work, & Neo-Tantric Voicefulness are available on a case-by-case basis. Please contact me with your requests.


Sound Alchemy Session

Experience a carefully tailored, voice-centric ritual designed to invite wholeness by welcoming your purest expression. Deepen mind-body-spirit connection. Alchemize intense emotions such as grief, loss, or rage. Release heaviness. Be witnessed, honored, & celebrated in your truth. 

Sound Alchemy Sessions are 1.5-2.5 hours ($90-$150) serving individuals & couples virtually. Groups & in-person sessions are available on a case-by-case basis. Please contact me with your requests.



"Your voice, words & way of singing call to the ancient essence of the wild woman. Primal, primordial power of woman, earth, trees, fire. I feel like you hold space for such powerful transformation & transmutation."

"You are a channel to a deep well of emotion that allows us to tap into our own emotional waters. I once referred to you as our “shamanista” because I sensed your ability to see deeply & beyond, & your capacity to transmute feeling into healing."

"I never knew my voice could bring me so much pleasure!"

"Following the vocal release circle, I wound up purging. The clearing was that strong!" 

"At the end, I felt really happy & joyful, like I found a place in me that I didn't know existed... I heard my true voice & knew this was me. It was very powerful for me."


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